About the Wittle Buddies

Kipi The Dog

He was born in a landfill and learned to survive on the streets. He learned lots of things that way. He is intelligent, brave, loves adventure and has an incredible sense of humour. Kipi got hit by a car when he was very little and lost a leg that way, but he doesn’t seem to mind because he is always happy and lives life with such enthusiasm and optimism that it’s contagious! He wears a prosthetic leg, although he is just as amazing without it. Would you like to be Kipi’s Wittle Buddy?

GeGe The Elephant

She’s an overly happy elephant. Everything in her life is a reason for abundant happiness. She didn’t always feel that way in the past. With her skin marks caused by Vitiligo, and with her being the only purple elephant in her family, she used to be self- conscious and like she didn’t fit in. She later learned to appreciate her uniqueness, the beautiful colour of her skin, and the shapes of her marks. The one on her ear is shaped like a heart! And that is just perfect because she is such a loving and affectionate elephant. Would you like to be GeGe’s Wittle Buddy?

Chico The Bear

He is a very caring and sensitive bear. While things were a little complicated a while back when he had to spend some time at the hospital with his heart being mended (he has a congenital heart condition), things turned around for him and life is now full of rainbows and marshmallows and happiness again! He is full of joy and love and compassion for everybody. He loves ice cream and candies but he eats all his veggies too. Cuddling is his favourite thing in the whole wide world! Would you like to be Chico’s Wittle Buddy?

Bebe The Bunny

She is a sweet little bunny. She used to feel very insecure about her beautiful ears and her cute bunny belly. You see, a few bunnies she knows make their ears look longer or their bunny bellies smaller, and she thought she needed to look like that too. Some other bunnies even used to make fun of her, but now she knows how incredible she is and how perfect her ears and her cute bunny belly are! She’s such a clever, agile, bouncy, cuddly and gentle little bunny! She’s got the love for everyone and wherever she goes, life is made so much better. Would you like to be BeBe’s Wittle Buddy?

Pepe The Monkey

He is not the typical monkey, no, not this monkey. Pepe is not your average tree climber, rope hanging, leap taking monkey. He never stops trying, but he doesn’t seem to have the DNA all monkeys have and that makes him so special! He falls off trees, and sometimes ropes, and at times he even trips over his bananas, but he always gets up with a big smile on his face. He’s so wonderfully made, so happy and cheerful. Oh! Did you notice the little thing on his shirt? That’s his inhalator, to help him with his asthma. Pepe is just incredible, he never ever gives up! Would you like to be Pepe’s Wittle Buddy?

Tutty The Panda

The sun on her belly represents her colorful, cheery, vibrant, energetic, unique and bright personality. She is autistic. And proudly so! She sees and perceives the world in such a deep way, so sensations and people around her can sometimes bring intense feelings. Tutty is so intelligent and awesome! She’s sweet, strong and so special. She’s loyal and compassionate. Her memory is incredible, she loves justice and is the biggest hearted panda ever! She makes everybody’s world complete.  Would you like to become Tutty’s Wittle Buddy?

Fernie The Sheep

He is a bouncy, vibrant, happy little sheep. He does have to go to the hospital every now and then, because of his cancer treatments. That sometimes makes him feel a little sick, and during those times he can’t play as much, but he always bounces back and never stops smiling! He loves jumping over rocks and, playfully, over other sheep too. His excitement and loving ways are endearing and we all love him so much and are so very proud of him.  Would you like to become Fernie’s Wittle Buddy?


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Wittle Buddies is a line of plush toys, that promotes inclusion, love, acceptance, kindness and respect.  These toys have been created to teach all of us how to celebrate the beautiful ways in which we are each created differently. Wittle Buddies was created to inspire a new generation of children, their parents, and society as a whole, to see beauty in who we are, love in our actions and perfection in our uniqueness.


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