Kipi (Dog) represents children and people with limb loss around the world.

Tutty (Panda) is autistic and advocates for ASD awareness.

GeGe (Elephant) stands for acceptance and inclusion of physical differences of any kind.

BeBe (Bunny) supports children suffering from depression and low self-esteem.

PePe (Monkey) represents asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Fernie (Sheep) supports children fighting cancer.

Chico (Bear) supports children with Congenital Heart Disease.

We particularly prefer donating to non-for-profit organizations directed to each one of the conditions above mentioned, though we are not limited to only those conditions. We have currently selected the following ones for our 3 “in stock” toys:

We believe that the above organizations will make the best use of the funds, and their work is beautiful with kids.

We have other characters lined up but we need the community support to be able to bring them to life. The more plushies we are able to create, the more conditions we can advocate for.

Our donations vary depending on the quantity of plushies that are purchased, and are given to foundations, organizations, groups or families who advocate, support, encourage, suffer from or help children living with a health condition or a disability. They can be local, National or International.

We do have a particular interest in those small groups that, despite having limited support, are making a huge difference. Because we are a small company, with huge dreams for all children, we would like to make sure that the donations can go the furthest possible.  For that reason we do quite a lot of research about foundations, and we review their charity efficiency as well.

We would also like working with self-advocates, such as the autistic community raising awareness on autism, rather than the non-autistic community raising awareness on autism. We believe that the very people who suffer from a particular condition, and their families, are experts of their own lives and of their own condition. We want to hear from them. We want to learn about them. We want to listen to their stories. We want to encourage them and advocate for them. We deeply care.

We are always open to receiving information on active associations, organizations, groups, efforts, initiatives, etc. While we are not able to provide donations to all/most of them because we have selected a few organizations already and we want to be efficient with those funds, we will still review your information and if your values are similar to ours, we can try to help you by sharing a little bit about the work you or your group do, or a particular case, an inspirational story, an awareness ad, etc on our social media page. This will create a synergy of people all working together to create awareness. We only ask that you please be patient with us, and if you share videos, photos or ads, that you also create them in a G-rated way that is adequate for children and families.

Yes! Please use our contact form so you can provide us with information on the quantities you are interested on and we will email you back asap.

Absolutely! We have different levels of discounts, starting at 7 pieces. Please use our contact form so you can give us a little bit of information, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.   Please include the location (City, Country and postal code)you would like us to ship to.

You sure can! We can get you all setup so that you promote Wittle Buddies among your organization members, schools, churches, etc.   Because there are different options, we would prefer that you email us at contact@wittlebuddies.com or use our contact form, to tell us a little bit about what you need, and we will personalize a plan for you and offer you a discount.

We currently ship to Canada, USA and Mexico via this website.   If you live in another Country, you can contact us directly or order online by visiting www.wittlebuddies.club to place your order (shipping rates will calculate automatically on that site).

Our Wittle Buddies plushies are made of 100% polyester fibers, with ALL NEW stuffing. They all also meet ASTM/CCPSA and CPSIA certifications, which means they have gone through testing to achieve safety requirements for both the USA and Canada. We recommend our toys for ages 3+

We are very sorry that our products can sometimes be out of stock. If you are interested in any of them, please contact us about your interest to purchase and we will put you on a waiting list for that item and notify you as soon as the item is back in stock.   We are hoping to grow quickly, so that we can have a larger inventory and be able to make more children happy.   In the mean time, we greatly apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.

We have a other characters that will be sent out to production as soon as we are able to grow our company a little bit more. We want you to know that we do have many other conditions lined up and we are hoping to be able to give them life soon.   If you are interested in toys with a particular health condition, or a particular disability, please feel free to contact us. We want to connect with and hear from you.

The plushies are 10″ tall (25cm). That is 10″ of pure cuddles and sweetness!

Wittle Buddies are plush toys that are not mass produced as “regular toys”. They have been designed and crafted with the utmost care and quality, and they are intended to create awareness about different conditions and promote inclusion, acceptance and kindness. This isn’t “just a business”. This is a project that is directed towards inspiring children to love all, be kind to all, and accept all, despite our differences. To do that, we work even harder to reach out to the public to raise awareness.  A portion of your purchase is donated to certain non-for-profits to encourage their work. In becoming a Wittle Buddy through your purchase with us, you are helping other children and their families in their struggles and efforts.

We ship from beautiful Maple Ridge, in British Columbia, Canada.

You certainly can!

Our email is: contact@wittlebuddies.com


Our mailing address is:

20800 Lougheed Hwy

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Canada, V2X 7G2


Our phone number is:


Feel free to use any of our information above (mailing, email or phone number), or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to hear from you!

For any other questions or comments, feel free to use our contact form. 

We welcome your comments and/or questions!  Feel free to use our contact form.


Thank you!

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Wittle Buddies is a line of plush toys, that promotes inclusion, love, acceptance, kindness and respect.  These toys have been created to teach all of us how to celebrate the beautiful ways in which we are each created differently. Wittle Buddies was created to inspire a new generation of children, their parents, and society as a whole, to see beauty in who we are, love in our actions and perfection in our uniqueness.


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