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We passionately believes in changing the world one child at a time.

Our work doesn’t feel like work at all. We design plush toys that will help bring comfort to a very special kid.  Each one of them is created with love and with a goal in mind:  That every child can grow up in a world where we are all respected, loved and valued, regardless of gender, what we look like, and what we can or can’t do.

We are based in Canada, in beautiful British Columbia, and our Wittle Buddies are shipped directly from our warehouse, wrapped in love and lots of well wishes.

Wittle Buddies

We exist to be a part of the rising of a new generation that defines beauty by actions of love, by who we are as human beings, and by our character and integrity.

We believe that children have a right to grow up in an environment full of love and acceptance. We want to plant our seed in their lives, by placing a meaningful toy in their hands.   A Wittle Buddies plush toy will bring them comfort and joy, and be a companion and a friend, through the happy, growing years of their lives.

We, and the Wittle Buddies, stand for inclusion, respect, kindness and love for all.

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Wittle Buddies is a line of plush toys, that promotes inclusion, love, acceptance, kindness and respect.  These toys have been created to teach all of us how to celebrate the beautiful ways in which we are each created differently. Wittle Buddies was created to inspire a new generation of children, their parents, and society as a whole, to see beauty in who we are, love in our actions and perfection in our uniqueness.


20800 Laughed Hwy
P.O Box 174
Maple Ridge, BC, CA

+1 (604) 477 9030