Bebe: The Wittle Buddies Bunny with Depression and low self esteem

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By becoming Bebe’s Wittle Buddy, you are supporting organizations that reach out to help kids struggling with self-esteem and depression.  We donate a percentage of your purchase directly to them or directly to the kids/families who need it.


Description: Bebe is a 25 cm tall, light brown with cream English lop plush toy Bunny, with a beautiful bunny belly. She is made of 100% polyester fibers, with all new stuffing. Her eyes are embroidered.  She also has ASTM/CCPSA and CPSIA certifications, which means he has gone through testing to achieve safety requirements for both the USA and Canada.

She is ideal for ages 3+

BeBe Comes with a Wittle Buddies membership card.

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She is a sweet little plush toy bunny. She used to feel very insecure about her beautiful ears and her cute bunny belly. You see, a few bunnies she knows make their ears look longer or their bunny bellies smaller, and she thought she needed to look like that too. Some other bunnies even used to make fun of her, but now she knows how incredible she is and how perfect her ears and her cute bunny belly are! She’s such a clever, agile, bouncy, cuddly and gentle little bunny! She’s got the love for everyone and wherever she goes, life is made so much better.

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Dimensions 6 x 6 x 10 in