Chico: The Wittle Buddies Bear with Congenital Heart Disease

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By becoming Chico’s Wittle Buddy, you are helping raise awareness for children with heart conditions. In doing this, you are also promoting inclusion, love and kindness.  Thank you!!!


Description: Chico is a 25 cm tall chocolate brown plush toy bear. He is made of 100%
polyester fibers, with all new stuffing. His eyes and heart are embroidered. He also has ASTM/CCPSA and CPSIA certifications, which means he has gone through testing to achieve safety requirements for both the USA and Canada.

Chico is ideal for ages 3+

Chico Comes with a Wittle Buddies membership card.


His story: He is a very caring and sensitive plush toy bear. While things were a little complicated a while back when he had to spend some time at the hospital with his heart being mended (he has a congenital heart condition), things turned around for him and life is now full of rainbows and marshmallows and happiness again! He is full of joy and love and compassion for everybody. He loves ice cream and candies but he eats all his veggies too. Cuddling is his favorite thing in the whole wide world!

Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 10 in