About Wittle Buddies

About Wittle Buddies

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Wittle Buddies was created to inspire a new generation of children, and their parents, to see beauty in who we are, and perfection in our uniqueness. Wittle Buddies is a group of friends, each with a unique set of traits (talents, strengths, physical, developmental or emotional disability or health condition, personality, skills, etc), who love, accept, support, encourage and respect one another. Wittle Buddies is a line of plush toys that teaches about values, acceptance love, kindness, respect, tolerance and inclusion of all.


Wittle Buddies has been created with the goal of addressing the concept of beauty and perfection worldwide. Our characters are presented real, with challenges and struggles, as well as wonderful talents, abilities and strengths. Our idea is to teach children about what really means to be beautiful. Beauty defined as who we are, not as what a person looks like or what a person has or what a person can and can’t do. In this sense, we bring a line of characters who are real, who each accepts and supports one another, without focusing on what society teaches are “flaws”. Wittle Buddies value and accept each other. They see perfection in their uniqueness, and love and accept each other, exactly the way we are. They don’t view challenges (physical or emotional) as flaws, but as part of our uniqueness and beauty.


Becoming a Wittle Buddy means becoming a member of a club that oversees what some in our society consider a flaw, but we consider “a special and unique trait”. Wittle Buddies are ambassadors of inclusion. They don’t believe that the differences are imperfections (if someone talks, walks, acts a little different it’s embraced and welcomed!), but on the contrary, Wittle Buddies believe that our differences make us unique and special.


Beauty is then defined as love in action, what we do for others, how much we care, how compassion is shared. Beauty is defined by how we treat others with gentleness and kindness, with acceptance and respect.


Beauty has nothing to do with physical attributes that are not real, but enforced and created by some of the media and society. Beauty isn’t about being physically or even emotionally perfect.


Beauty is being real. Beauty is born in our hearts, it shows in our actions towards others, it means growing together and supporting one another.


Wittle Buddies define beauty by how they treat each other and by who they are, regardless of their physical or emotional differences. Wittle Buddies helps children focus on what is important and it helps them fit in and feel loved, accepted, appreciated and cared for, regardless of their circumstances, pasts, challenges or differences.


Wittle Buddies stands in favor of acceptance, love, kindness, respect, tolerance, inclusion and compassion. And all Wittle Buddy members are ambassadors of what it really means to be beautiful.


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Wittle Buddies is a line of plush toys, that promotes inclusion, love, acceptance, kindness and respect.  These toys have been created to teach all of us how to celebrate the beautiful ways in which we are each created differently. Wittle Buddies was created to inspire a new generation of children, their parents, and society as a whole, to see beauty in who we are, love in our actions and perfection in our uniqueness.


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