My struggle with Low Self-Esteem and Bullying

My struggle with Low Self-Esteem and Bullying

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By BeBe


Hi! My name is BeBe and I’m a Holland Lop Bunny. I was adopted by a wonderful family when I was just a little rabbit learning how to eat carrots. They are the best parents in the world, and despite their best efforts, I struggled with a lot of bad feelings about myself.


Some kids at school would make fun of my little ears, they said that some magazines and tv say that bunnies are supposed to have much longer ears, or ears that stand. Mine are neither one of those things.   They called me a lot of names, and told me things that were very hurtful to me.   I never told my parents and kept everything inside my heart.


I used to look at those magazines, with the bunnies and their long, long ears. It seemed very impossible to achieve. I hung myself from the door by the ears, to see if they would grow. I ate extra carrots to see if they would stand up. I did a lot of things, and even thought about bunny ear extensions just to fit in. You see, some of the other bunnies were adding length to their ears, and I thought I had to too, just to be able to look like them.


One day I met the right group of friends. The ones who love me just the way I am. They explained to me that a lot of those magazines make the bunnies look a different way, but it’s not the real way we look.  Doesn’t it feel great to be the real you? The bunnies that bought the ear extensions also learned about it, and many decided to love themselves without making themselves look a different way.   Since that day, I feel great about my little bunny ears, and a lot of the other bunnies are very nice to me too. When I meet kids that call me names, I know that what they say about me isn’t true. Because I know who I am, and I know I’m strong and beautiful just the way I am.


It is hard when we are called names, or when we feel we have to look a certain way. I want you to know that no matter what your story is, you are perfect just the way you are. Me and my Boon Buddy friends love you and care about you deeply.   If you still struggle with sadness, and with feeling bad about different things, talk to an adult you trust. It can be a parent, or grandparent, it can be a teacher, a school or church counselor, or a friend’s mom or dad. They will very likely be able to help you feel better.


The most important lesson is that you know that the kids who call you names, are also just trying to fit in and they don’t mean the things they say. You also need to know, that the images around you aren’t a definition of who you are supposed to be or what you are supposed to look like. You just have to be the best ‘you’ that you can be, because only you can be you, and you are the best at being you! You are loved, and accepted, and beautiful and perfect, just by being the wonderful you that you are.


With love and bunny kisses,




PS:  This video below was created by Dove, and it will remind you of a very important thing:">



NOTE: None of us at Wittle Buddies is an expert in these fields, and our blogs are simply written from the bottom of our hearts. We want to be sensitive to each person who reads us, so if in any way we are failing in doing that, please feel free to contact us so you can help us understand your concerns, thoughts, comments or personal story.

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