Congenital Heart Defect: My Story

Congenital Heart Defect: My Story

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By Chico


Hello! My name is Chico. I’m a bear with a mended heart. My parents say that mended hearts are precious and I know it’s true because I see you are very precious too!


I was born with a congenital heart disease and needed surgery just a few days after I was born.   I had another surgery when I was still little, so I missed a lot of school and at first I couldn’t make a lot of friends. I now have to take medication to help my heart and oxygen levels stay close to normal.   There is very little that I can’t do now, like strenuous activities, but I live a full and happy life with all the things that I am able to do! I can play with my friends, and go for walks, and run, and dance, and draw, and climb trees, and jump and laugh and hug, and give tons of love!


I don’t remember my surgeries from when I was a baby, but I know it was a very difficult time for my mommy and my daddy. I have seen photos of me, with plastic tubes and machines that helped my heart. It looked scary but it made me feel much better! I have a scar on my chest. Do you have a scar too? I think it makes us special because we are alive and we can talk to others and help them understand heart conditions.


One day I was outside my house, sitting on the stairs all by myself. Then, all of a sudden, I saw a dog (his name is Kipi) crossing the street to invite me to play with him and his friends. They bought me a popsicle and we had the greatest of times at the park. We are inseparable now! They helped me catch up with my school homework and I don’t feel different anymore.


When I have to go back to the hospital for my checkups, they put these funny plastics on my chest, and I can hear my heart go, boom-boom… boom-boom…. It is so nice to hear your heart working! My mommy and my daddy are so happy and they tell me I’m their strong boy. And I am!


Congenital Heart Disease affects 40,000 babies each year just in the USA. That is a whole lot of strong and brave boys and girls, like you and me!


Happy hearts! Happy Boom-Boom!


With love,




Ps: Wanna meet Ana Sage? A super awesome girl




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